Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009. :]

We're back!
Goodbye, December 2008!
Above is some fun stuff that happened this month, including less-than-flattering Snow Trip photos! Please note the distressed gingerbread men (if they're smiling, they're whole; if they're not, they're missing a limb or their head) and my Raynaud's Syndrome in action in the bottom. Also look at the funny kids in the center and appreciate my ever-handsome best friend-boyfriend, who is somehow able to look adorable under all circumstances.

And now - because all two of you who read this are waiting with bated breath to see this - is a list of my resolutions for the year. It's sort of more of a to-do list. Alas.


1. Be healthier
-a. Take a walk (no matter how long or short) every day
-b. Make better eating choices
-c. Lose – permanently – six to ten pounds
2. Be a theatre geek

-a. See “Wicked” in San Francisco and compare/contrast to the Broadway production
-b. Audition for any show that, if given the option, I would truly want to perform
-c. Stop being so reserved and start being confident
3. Be more outgoing

-a. Make friends
-b. Make an impression
-c. Make connections (voila! Success in life)
4. Be a 'good' person (friend/family member/girlfriend)

-a. Make an effort to “do unto others” and all that jazz
-b. Remind the people in my life why they are so special to me
-c. Actually read my Bible

Optional and/or Not Required:
1. Spend time in New York City and do things I've been hankering to do
-a. Chow down at the Shake Shack
-b. Eat a cupcake from Magnolia (if I don't get to NYC, try my own hand at making some of their
Vanilla Cupcakes)
-c. See a show (because I've never been and not seen one, and you're not truly in NYC until you see a show)
2. Go to Los Angeles
-a. Preferably take Ethan with me
-b. Preferably see Michelle
-c. Preferably we Three Musketeers go to Disneyland together
3. Start thinking about the future
-a. Continue creating my "Hope Chest" (you know Momma wants you out of the house when she is buying you things like a flatware set and a can opener!)
-b. Balance school and fun times
-c. Start saving money
4. I may add to this if I see fit

I normally don't do things like this, buuut I figured if I posted this publicly, I'd be more likely to actually follow through.

Happy New Year!

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