Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a week!

With school and midterms and papers and Grace's brother's birthday and Grace's show, this week has been crazy! By the way, Grace was FANTASTIC in the opening show yesterday. She opens with the very first song with her "sweet, angelic" voice.  It really was a site to see. I was so so proud to know that the girl singing that song and acting in the show was my girl. Anyways, the most crazy thing about this week was simply being with Grace. Every day with her is truly crazy. Every day is fun. Every day is exciting. Every moment is perfect. I am very lucky to have her, and I'm really going to try hard to do the next show with her- so I can be with her more. :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going crazy.

I will keep this brief.

1. Six-hour rehearsal.
2. Very ill boyfriend. I think he is suffering from migraines.
3. Lack of contact with friends.
4. Feeling unhealthy.


Edit: Talked to E. I had stopped by his house after rehearsal, and he was not at all himself. Now he's feeling - and sounding - better. I'm so relieved!

Word from the wise: if I post at all this week, the entries are bound to sound whiny. This is due to the fact that I have an extremely busy week ahead of me and I am less than thrilled about this. You have been warned.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Watching Boyfriend help my parents hang a clock.

Boy - oh boy! - is he perfect. What a sweetheart. To both me and my family.

I'm the luckiest.


I have more fun browsing online for men's clothing that Boyfriend might like than I do browsing online for clothing for myself. :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

An early morning post.

Why am I still up? I do not know.

Here are a couple of examples of what the last five or so days have consisted:
Ethan and I met for a Valentine's Day brunch.
I was greeted with a big smile and a beautiful bouquet of these babies!
Ethan also maybe presented me with another creative gift. He is a babe. A hilarious babe. Please note the adorabley and unintentionally upside-down and backwards 'e' at the end of my name.

So, my Valentine's Day with my valentine was absolutely splendid, and complete with chocolates and flowers. Who could ask for anything more? Annnd, now that it is over, I can show you my prezzie to Boyfriend!

Upon receiving it from our neighbors up North (the 'shop' is located in the great land on Canada), I simply removed the key from the chain and looped a navy blue faux-suede cord through it. Voila! Acceptable present for a greatful boyfriend. Other noticeable mentions include an adorable sweatshirt hoodie in Boyfriend's favorite blue and a couple more pages in my visual notebook (a scrapbook of sorts that I began to create for Ethan for his eighteenth birthday to which I continually add). It was a great day. :D

Anyway, following up from my last post - my flight was delayed, but only by about forty-five minutes. The flight was smooth and quick and my best friend Michelle and her lovely roommate Monique (whom I also adore) were there to pick me up, a Welcome-to-the-OC-on-Valentine's-Day bouquet in tow, when I arrived at John Wayne Airport.

The welcoming bouquet!

That was just the beginning of a lovely weekend with some equally lovely ladies! I had much-needed catch-up time with Michelle and getting-t0-know-you time with Monique and the other roommates. Yes! Anyway. Adventures, adventures!

We did some good old fashioned gettin' ready. Me and Mich.

We did some good old fashioned cheesin' for the camera. Mo, Mich, and me.

And, true to our style, we (myself, Michelle, Monique, and the rest of their roommates) did some good old fashioned eatin'. My favorite! Photos of this I will not bother to post. Just know that Le Petit Four and Ketchup in West Hollywood are both splendid. We did dessert at the latter. Brownie-Banana Split. Need I say more?

Those are highlights. Lowlights? I forgot my jeans. Meaning I only had a skirt to wear. Meaning I had no pants whatsoever. This was not fun. Luckily a roomie, Christine, lent me a dress for our Los Angeles escapades and I just repeat-wore my skirt when it was necessary. Crisis averted.

And finally, a recap of the last couple of days. Mostly the last couple of days have been... rehearsaly and have consisted mostly of me feeling under the weather and complaining about it until Ethan instructs me to lay down so he can play Momma for me. Today I lay on his bed as he tended to me, offering me apple juice and dropping Cheerios into my mouth. Which sounds funny. And it was. When I was finished, he tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead. Because this is what the perfect boyfriend does. :]

this is how appreciative his girlfriend is. Thank you, E! :]

ps: also, just because I like to gush - Ethan is so intelligent! Like, seriously. Wow! He will make a stupendous engineer one day. :D I am so proud of him.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Delayed flights are no fun.

This is my first time in an airport alone. Not nearly as frightening as I thought it would be. Security was easy, other than the fact that I was stuck behind a spastic mother-daughter pair, who barely managed to get their bags through. I offered them a little aid because, believe me, they needed it. I guess it did not help their case when the airport security member running the scanning machine found a handgun in one of their purses. Yes. It turned out to be a curling iron with its cord wrapped around it's handle. Who woulda thunk.

I should be landing in Orange County in two and a half hours. Ole!

I miss my valentine.

A happy - and busy - Valentine's Day!

I woke up to the Valentine's Day gift of third-row center tickets to "Wicked" in San Francisco for the whole Super Six (parents, brother, and the SOs) on April 25th! This is amazingly awesome for me. YES. Can't wait.

Anyway, today is Busy Day. I stayed up late last night packing and prepping for today. In about an hour - and hour?! I gotta get ready! - I'm meeting Ethan for brunch at Hobees, as per the tradition. :] I think we'll exchange gifts and then probably come back home for a little hanging out before we leave to attend the One Act Festival at school. Then straight from there to the airport. Goodbye NorCal! Hello, Fullerton! :]

It's my first Valentine's Day with a Valentine. :] Hopefully Valentine's Day 2008 was my last Valentine's Day without one. ;] I want to let my special someone know how much I adore him and how much I appreciate all that he does for me. I am honored to be part of your life, E! :D

Anyway, photos of Valentine's Day presents and aforementioned birthday-gift-for-brother to come, as well as, I'm sure, Orange County photos! I shall leave you with this:
Valentines for my lovely friends! Last names and addresses erased to protect the innocent.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Share the love. ;]

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's our monthiversary. :P

Nine of months of laughter, good times, hard work, and love.

I adore you, Ethan Jeffrey, and thank you. :]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More rain.

Received via text message from Ethan, notorious for his big booty, as he walked across campus from the Theatre to his dorm room in the windy cold last night:

Oh my gosh, my buns froze off and they are too large to carry by hand.

Yes, I LOL'd.

Today I took a little soggy foray into the world to snap a couple photos. It was nice, although I returned home soaked.

via my flickr

I have a really busy couple of days coming up! Tomorrow is Ethan's and my nine months, but I have rehearsal - we are celebrating (and homeworking) on Friday. On Valentine's day, I'm brunching with Boyfriend, checking out the One Act Festival at school, and then making a whirlwind trip to Orange County to visit Michelle. I will be there for a day or so until I return on Monday afternoon. Monday evening I have rehearsal, and Tuesday I have an exam in Psych - my hardest class. WOOHOO! I'm gearing up. Fasho.

Also, my 'little' brother's birthday is coming up. And I got him something awesome. Photos to follow!

Off to chow and homework! ;]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rain and rain and rain and rain.

I like the sound of rain. It's like a lullaby. I don't like the feeling of being wet, though, and I hate frizzy hair. Which is enough of a problem for me already. Alas.

Today Ethan and I decided to go get some In-N-Out. I had told him to please steer me clear of the milkshakes. I learned my lesson last time. I was driving us there and all was going well until I saw a faint shadow out of the corner of my eye. And all at once, I had run over part of a squirrel. Which part, I don't know. I just remember exclaiming to E, "Oh my gosh. I just ran over a squirrel!" I was initially super shocked. But then, I looked back, and the poor thing was still alive. Flailing. And then I broke down and pulled to the side of the road and cried for a good five.

Finally, Ethan convinced me that there was a reason that I had hit the squirrel. "Maybe," he said, "that squirrel is a bad squirrel and he has been stealing from all the good squirrels." That was sweet. Later he told me probably the squirrel was hyped up on drugs. Either is equally plausible. Anyway.

In-N-Out happened eventually, and on our way back to campus, we passed the Crime Scene. The animal was nowhere to be found. What?!

So I thought the little guy had survived. So for the couple of hours I spent in rehearsal I was living in constant fear that he might track me down. I had visions of a rabid three-legged animal coming after me. Mad. I ended up taking that same route home, however, and I spotted some... remains in a nearby lane. So, while I'm sad that it happened, I pray that he is resting in peace. I still feel awful.

My eyes are burning. Karma?

ps: Right now, Ethan is feverishly working on some Calc homework... I am sending him good vibes! He is super intelligent and he can do this! YAY! Also I'm forever proud of him and so thankful he is in my life. And thankful that he comforted me after I aided in the homicide of one of God's innocent creatures.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today is chilly.

Today it is so cold and windy that I am convinced that as I crossed campus I was actually crossing the arctic tundra.

This is where I spend my time.

Ethan's dorm room. I skipped math class because I'm just not that into it. harhar. Ethan is shaving. I am drinking hot chocolate and eating a blueberry parfait. Disappointment of the day: it is more blueberry than parfait. Did you know Ethan brushes his teeth five times a day? He probably has the cleanest mouth out of anyone in the world. I am rambling.

In other news, I miss my best friend Michelle.

I am pretty sure that my other best friend, Ethan, has a mild case of ommetaphobia, aka fear of eyes. So imagine how awful it is that he wears contacts, specially shaped to restore optimum vision to his peepers. Also he has x-ray vision. Anyway, his ability to put in his contacts without bawling like a baby is a learned and practiced skill. I just saw him put them in for the first time. He instructed me not to look. I did. He messed up. He said, "Aw fiddlesticks! I knew I'd get nervous with you watching!" :D Whatta cutie.

This post was useless and of little to no use.

Grace = teh sowser <3

Its 4:20am. I can't sleep tonight, but I'm super tired. Anyways, I just wanted to say how lucky I am again. ;] Its so crazy. Its just...Grace really has to put up with a LOT. Let me tell you- I am quite a handful. With studies, video games, and college life, I can really get a little irritating. But somehow, Grace still is crazy about me. :P Grace is a beautiful, sweet, and hilarious girl; she is really cool. She is "teh sowser." I am just so lucky that I have her. :D


P.S. Thank you for being so forgiving. :]

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sitting in a dorm room.

Today I got this random text from Ethan, the sickling:
Homework = no thanks
You = yes please

That was cute. Now sitting in Ethan's dorm room and listening to him talk about his love of the movie "Wedding Crashers," and one lady character in particular? Not so much. :P

My life right now?

visit Etsy
Also enough said! :P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ethan's life right now?

Enough said. :P

Friday Friday Friday!

It's now Saturday morning, but here are a few things you should know about February the 6th!

1. Nutella, while delicious, is addictive. Never buy the two-pack at Costco or your waistband will suffer the consequences.

Nathaneal Keck via Meklit Hadero.
2. This is Meklit Hadero. She is an amazing singer/songwriter with whom I and the rest of my cast have the pleasure of working. Our cast went to the City to watch Meklit and her collaborative band, Nefasha Ayer, perform at the Brava Theatre. They are amazing - Meklit, especially. We all sat in the front row and cheered her on like little girls at a Spice Girls concert.

via Joyent.
3. I will possibly never ever let myself have a milk shake again. On the way back from the City we made a midnight stop at In-N-Out. Two hours later, my stomach is still in peril and I am practically dying of pain. Dramatic, I know.

4. Ethan and I have determined that Hobees and Harry's Hofbrau are easily THE best places to eat a good meal. Ethan treated me to a super dinner at Harry's and we both enjoyed delicious French-dipped roast beef sandwiches, clam chowder, and chocolate cake.

5. Ethan is a sickling and I wish he would just get better already. Of course, staying up until three in the morning to play video games did not help his cold. Nevertheless, I am thankful for his late-night habits, as he stayed up so he could talk to me on the phone before sleeping (as per our nightly ritual). He's awesome. yah!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny things.

Ethan: I want to live in a house. With kids. And burrows.
Grace: Burrows? What is a burrow?
Ethan: That's like a place where little animals live.

??? HAHA, he's so adorable!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I miss...

I love New York, and I adore my boyfriend and being anywhere with him. If my boyfriend and I were in New York, it would be a double-whammy of happiness. I'm waitin'.

ps: midterm was "cheesecake," as Ethan would say - praise God! :]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Ethan:

Warning: the remainder of this post is self-centered. I don't know what it is. Lately I've been really... moody. And so, so sleepy. I guess I've just been busy and I don't like it. I miss Ethan (not that I haven't been with him; I just miss being able to take full advantage of our time together by do whatever we'd like to do) and I miss having... time in general. To do things other than homework. I'm counting down the hours until the weekend. Or at least I would be counting if I weren't so lazy. I have a math midterm tomorrow. hurrah. Off to study! At least I have a super boyfriend who puts up with me no matter what. :]