Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More rain.

Received via text message from Ethan, notorious for his big booty, as he walked across campus from the Theatre to his dorm room in the windy cold last night:

Oh my gosh, my buns froze off and they are too large to carry by hand.

Yes, I LOL'd.

Today I took a little soggy foray into the world to snap a couple photos. It was nice, although I returned home soaked.

via my flickr

I have a really busy couple of days coming up! Tomorrow is Ethan's and my nine months, but I have rehearsal - we are celebrating (and homeworking) on Friday. On Valentine's day, I'm brunching with Boyfriend, checking out the One Act Festival at school, and then making a whirlwind trip to Orange County to visit Michelle. I will be there for a day or so until I return on Monday afternoon. Monday evening I have rehearsal, and Tuesday I have an exam in Psych - my hardest class. WOOHOO! I'm gearing up. Fasho.

Also, my 'little' brother's birthday is coming up. And I got him something awesome. Photos to follow!

Off to chow and homework! ;]

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