Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rain and rain and rain and rain.

I like the sound of rain. It's like a lullaby. I don't like the feeling of being wet, though, and I hate frizzy hair. Which is enough of a problem for me already. Alas.

Today Ethan and I decided to go get some In-N-Out. I had told him to please steer me clear of the milkshakes. I learned my lesson last time. I was driving us there and all was going well until I saw a faint shadow out of the corner of my eye. And all at once, I had run over part of a squirrel. Which part, I don't know. I just remember exclaiming to E, "Oh my gosh. I just ran over a squirrel!" I was initially super shocked. But then, I looked back, and the poor thing was still alive. Flailing. And then I broke down and pulled to the side of the road and cried for a good five.

Finally, Ethan convinced me that there was a reason that I had hit the squirrel. "Maybe," he said, "that squirrel is a bad squirrel and he has been stealing from all the good squirrels." That was sweet. Later he told me probably the squirrel was hyped up on drugs. Either is equally plausible. Anyway.

In-N-Out happened eventually, and on our way back to campus, we passed the Crime Scene. The animal was nowhere to be found. What?!

So I thought the little guy had survived. So for the couple of hours I spent in rehearsal I was living in constant fear that he might track me down. I had visions of a rabid three-legged animal coming after me. Mad. I ended up taking that same route home, however, and I spotted some... remains in a nearby lane. So, while I'm sad that it happened, I pray that he is resting in peace. I still feel awful.

My eyes are burning. Karma?

ps: Right now, Ethan is feverishly working on some Calc homework... I am sending him good vibes! He is super intelligent and he can do this! YAY! Also I'm forever proud of him and so thankful he is in my life. And thankful that he comforted me after I aided in the homicide of one of God's innocent creatures.

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Anonymous said...


This story is quite different than the one I heard from Jessica Butelo one time. It sort of goes as such:

"I saw a squirrel in the road, and I SLAMMED on the gas pedal and tried to hit it."

Lol. And she did, apparently. And, it made her day.

But in any case, this story is sweet.