Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Friday Friday!

It's now Saturday morning, but here are a few things you should know about February the 6th!

1. Nutella, while delicious, is addictive. Never buy the two-pack at Costco or your waistband will suffer the consequences.

Nathaneal Keck via Meklit Hadero.
2. This is Meklit Hadero. She is an amazing singer/songwriter with whom I and the rest of my cast have the pleasure of working. Our cast went to the City to watch Meklit and her collaborative band, Nefasha Ayer, perform at the Brava Theatre. They are amazing - Meklit, especially. We all sat in the front row and cheered her on like little girls at a Spice Girls concert.

via Joyent.
3. I will possibly never ever let myself have a milk shake again. On the way back from the City we made a midnight stop at In-N-Out. Two hours later, my stomach is still in peril and I am practically dying of pain. Dramatic, I know.

4. Ethan and I have determined that Hobees and Harry's Hofbrau are easily THE best places to eat a good meal. Ethan treated me to a super dinner at Harry's and we both enjoyed delicious French-dipped roast beef sandwiches, clam chowder, and chocolate cake.

5. Ethan is a sickling and I wish he would just get better already. Of course, staying up until three in the morning to play video games did not help his cold. Nevertheless, I am thankful for his late-night habits, as he stayed up so he could talk to me on the phone before sleeping (as per our nightly ritual). He's awesome. yah!

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