Friday, February 20, 2009

An early morning post.

Why am I still up? I do not know.

Here are a couple of examples of what the last five or so days have consisted:
Ethan and I met for a Valentine's Day brunch.
I was greeted with a big smile and a beautiful bouquet of these babies!
Ethan also maybe presented me with another creative gift. He is a babe. A hilarious babe. Please note the adorabley and unintentionally upside-down and backwards 'e' at the end of my name.

So, my Valentine's Day with my valentine was absolutely splendid, and complete with chocolates and flowers. Who could ask for anything more? Annnd, now that it is over, I can show you my prezzie to Boyfriend!

Upon receiving it from our neighbors up North (the 'shop' is located in the great land on Canada), I simply removed the key from the chain and looped a navy blue faux-suede cord through it. Voila! Acceptable present for a greatful boyfriend. Other noticeable mentions include an adorable sweatshirt hoodie in Boyfriend's favorite blue and a couple more pages in my visual notebook (a scrapbook of sorts that I began to create for Ethan for his eighteenth birthday to which I continually add). It was a great day. :D

Anyway, following up from my last post - my flight was delayed, but only by about forty-five minutes. The flight was smooth and quick and my best friend Michelle and her lovely roommate Monique (whom I also adore) were there to pick me up, a Welcome-to-the-OC-on-Valentine's-Day bouquet in tow, when I arrived at John Wayne Airport.

The welcoming bouquet!

That was just the beginning of a lovely weekend with some equally lovely ladies! I had much-needed catch-up time with Michelle and getting-t0-know-you time with Monique and the other roommates. Yes! Anyway. Adventures, adventures!

We did some good old fashioned gettin' ready. Me and Mich.

We did some good old fashioned cheesin' for the camera. Mo, Mich, and me.

And, true to our style, we (myself, Michelle, Monique, and the rest of their roommates) did some good old fashioned eatin'. My favorite! Photos of this I will not bother to post. Just know that Le Petit Four and Ketchup in West Hollywood are both splendid. We did dessert at the latter. Brownie-Banana Split. Need I say more?

Those are highlights. Lowlights? I forgot my jeans. Meaning I only had a skirt to wear. Meaning I had no pants whatsoever. This was not fun. Luckily a roomie, Christine, lent me a dress for our Los Angeles escapades and I just repeat-wore my skirt when it was necessary. Crisis averted.

And finally, a recap of the last couple of days. Mostly the last couple of days have been... rehearsaly and have consisted mostly of me feeling under the weather and complaining about it until Ethan instructs me to lay down so he can play Momma for me. Today I lay on his bed as he tended to me, offering me apple juice and dropping Cheerios into my mouth. Which sounds funny. And it was. When I was finished, he tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead. Because this is what the perfect boyfriend does. :]

this is how appreciative his girlfriend is. Thank you, E! :]

ps: also, just because I like to gush - Ethan is so intelligent! Like, seriously. Wow! He will make a stupendous engineer one day. :D I am so proud of him.

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