Monday, February 9, 2009

This is where I spend my time.

Ethan's dorm room. I skipped math class because I'm just not that into it. harhar. Ethan is shaving. I am drinking hot chocolate and eating a blueberry parfait. Disappointment of the day: it is more blueberry than parfait. Did you know Ethan brushes his teeth five times a day? He probably has the cleanest mouth out of anyone in the world. I am rambling.

In other news, I miss my best friend Michelle.

I am pretty sure that my other best friend, Ethan, has a mild case of ommetaphobia, aka fear of eyes. So imagine how awful it is that he wears contacts, specially shaped to restore optimum vision to his peepers. Also he has x-ray vision. Anyway, his ability to put in his contacts without bawling like a baby is a learned and practiced skill. I just saw him put them in for the first time. He instructed me not to look. I did. He messed up. He said, "Aw fiddlesticks! I knew I'd get nervous with you watching!" :D Whatta cutie.

This post was useless and of little to no use.

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