Monday, December 22, 2008

Fancy meeting you here.

The first post on any blog always seems a bit awkward, so we'll just get the introductory stuff out of the way.

Ethan and Grace are best friends who met in high school and began dating in their senior year. They now attend university together. He lives in the dorms; she lives at home with her lovely family. He loves video games, running, and being a goof; she loves baking, fashion, and being a goof. Mutual interests include God, happiness, and each other. Clearly, they're well-suited for one another.

After much deliberation, Ethan and I, Grace, agreed to embark on a journey into the blogosphere together. I guess that the content of this blog will range from exciting to dull, depending on the excitement or dullness of the current goings-on of our respective lives or life together. I have my doubts about how often Ethan will be posting here, so you can expect to see a lot of entries posted by yours truly. Regardless of whatever happens, I'm pretty excited about the prospect of documenting our every move. Or something.

We are Ethan and Grace.

Welcome to our life!

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Blah said...

AAAA my favorite couple in the world has their own ridiculously adorable blog!! :D I shall be watching!
<3 you both, Chris H.