Monday, January 5, 2009

Back at the University- I'm Lucky :D

Our wonderful, exciting break is finally over. Today, we had our first day back at the university. It sure was tough, and homework is even tougher. However, thinking about it all, I still feel so lucky.

Grace and I did not plan to go to the same college. In all honesty, is was completely coincidental. Everything was set, and I was planning on leaving for Wisconsin. However, God intervened at the last second, the day of my final visit to the university of Wisconsin. He first stopped the plane because of a mechanical error, and made us stay an extra day home. With that one day, he sent me a significant scholarship to one of my back up schools. That school became the university that Grace and I attend, and I am just so lucky. I get to go to college with my best friend and girlfriend.

Grace really does make college great. Being in engineering, my classes can be difficult and require a lot of work. However, Grace makes everything so much brighter. Seeing her after a long physics or calculus class just puts a smile on my face. I truly am very blessed.

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