Thursday, March 26, 2009

And we're back.

Old Town Sacramento and Half Moon Bay, respectively. via my flickr.

I returned from my little getaway with Momma Tuesday afternoon and saw E that evening. It was a happy reunion! :D

Yesterday my mom and I went to the grocery store to load up on healthier food as part of our new eating plan - the details of which are mostly yet to be determined. I spent the afternoon making muffins. I received a text from Boyfriend and an adorable correspondence followed.

Ethan: Would you like to have dinner and see a movie tonight on me?
Grace: Are you asking me out on a date?
Ethan: Well, only if you're saying yes.

Only... I remembered I had promised to make dinner for my family. So the task of making dinner became our date. Not quite as intimate but WHATEV. So E embarked on the difficult journey of aiding me in a little recipe from Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious, which basically helps weary moms in sneaking veggies into the meals of their picky eaters. So I settled on chicken nuggets which, we found, are actually really quite disgusting to make. I mean, you puree broccoli. In a blender. You mix that with egg and dip into it the chicken, which you have rinsed and off of which your boyfriend has rid of its icky bits and cut into little chunks. And so they turn out sort of green. Which would be very festive, had our dinner been a week and a bit earlier. Anyway, try them with organic ketchup. With a sort of summer picinic theme, our sidedishes were unsweetened applesauce with a bit of cinnamon sugar on top, crisp green grapes, and apple juice - you guessed it - from a juice box!

The fun didn't stop there. Melt butter on the stove. Puree a peeled avocado. Get some confectioner's sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a little bit of vanilla. Pour 'em all in and mix thoroughly. Take it off the heat, add some corn starch, and BAM! Chocolate pudding. I kid you not.

It should be noted that Brother Tucker, who cringes at the sight of anything green, ate each of the vegalicious dishes and loved 'em. Mission accomplished.

Then we did dishes. Sheesh.

It is tough work being a mom. BELIEVE ME; I KNOW.

I forgot to say it sooner, but...

I cut my hair! huzzah!

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