Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skype works wonders after an awful night.

I had. The worst. Earache. EVER! Last night. Well, second worst. The worst occurred at Michelle's birthday party when there was so much pressure on my eardrum that it perforated. AWESOME!

Skype conversation of the morning:
Grace: Can I buy you new clothes?
Ethan: Yes! Oh yes! For the love, yes! I love the clothes you choose for me the most. Please! Let me be your doll! Dress me! I am your manikan.

HAHAHAHA. I didn't even correct that misspelling cos it's way too cute.

Also - Ethan bought me Girl Scout cookies yesterday because we couldn't resist the adorableness of the little ladies selling them. I just finished off the box for breakfast. OH YEAH!

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