Sunday, March 1, 2009

This Week in Photos.

This has been a busy week. Despite a few minor breakdowns and one really big one that hit me on Tuesday, I've been pretty content with the goings-on of my life. :]

Tech rehearsals all week followed by the first weekend of performances of my university's workshop production of "Over the Mountain," in which I act and sing - or to be more accurate, mostly just sing. The production will see its professional theatre debut this spring at Brava! in San Francisco. I love my cast and between this production and theatre classes, I've been spending a whooole lotta time in the Mayer Theatre. In fact, I am currently backstage during our matinee writing this post. Oh baby! Anyway, the week also consisted of many other fun things. Most of which are documented through the art of photography.

So now I present to you, This Week in Photos: The Green Room edition.
The week started off right with a little something called a Parisian Burger (in the style of Linda's Drive-In) from Armadillo Willy's. It's a delectable burger complete with sourdough bun and a 'secret sauce' dating back to the 1950s, served with 'super fries' (aka tater tots). HIGHLY reccomended. Did you know that Armadillo Willy's observes Half-Price Burger Day each Saturday AND serves Diet Dr. Pepper (for which I have found a renewed love)?
Tech Week began with a two sessions of six-hour stumble-through rehearsals. Here is the set about half-way furnished. And Kristin, who plays Jo, lookin' cute.
And then this happened. The Recital Hall framed by a really pretty sunset.
And a nearby building looking really eerie.
Wednesday marked my brother's sixteenth birthday. If you know anything about Tucker, you will be able to understand why I am surprised he even made it to sixteen. :P
So I dressed up really fly for the occasion.
So that E and I could help my darling Momma surprise Tucker and friends (not pictured - this photo kind of makes Tucker look like a loner with a Camp Rock obsession) at school with a four-foot burrito, the likes of which intact were not photographed. Shame.
This is an aforementioned gift to my brother. It is a sterling silver guitar pick handstamped with Tucker's favorite lyrics (from Streetlight Manifesto's "A Better Place, A Better Time"). This masterpiece comes from Jennie of The Frivolous Ferret by Desert Deva Designs. So happy with how it turned out. Tucker was, too!
Here I am, either before our Final Dress on Thursday or pre-Opening on Friday night. The perks of being in a show like this one is that neither perfect hair nor makeup is required. :]
Friday night there was a Cast Party that also served as a birthday party of sorts for a lovely lady I like to call Kandace. Here we are!

On Saturday morning, Ethan made me breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, Canadian bacon, and - our favorite ingredient: mushwooms! I was a happy girlfriend. We then helped my parents with yet another surprise in belated-honor of Tucker's birthday: surprise bowling party!
So we went. Ethan is actually a great (and super handsome) bowler. AND, I bowled one-third of a perfect score. Ohhh yeah! And Ethan got the chance to get a little closer with Tucker's friends.
Maybe a lot closer.

I don't have any photos of "Over the Mountain" as of yet. Why is this? I have no clue. I will do my best to remedy soon! Off to study for midterms. Yus!

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