Thursday, April 9, 2009

Camera, birthday, friends.

This is Christine, an actress and all-around sweet girl from my University. We had a photoshoot! via my flickr.

It was my birthday on Sunday. A couple of gifts, a delicious dinner, and unfortunately no cupcakes (would you believe they closed early on my birthday?!), and a performance later, my birthday was over. But the celebration continues this weekend, when my dad and my brother return from a missions trip to Mexico. huzzah!

There was no... birthday party, or anything... I don't know what it is. I've made no enemies at school, to be sure - but I haven't made any extremely close friends, either. I guess I am struggling in that regard. And I realized how much I miss my girl friends from high school - and even middle school. I've decided that I will organize a summer dinner thang for all of my loveliest lady friends. I'm already excited!

The end.


b said...

Hi I just stalked your flickr people set and I love your recent portraits :) Alsooo, Happy birthday (again) and I miss you lots!
[Also this comment took three tries (and counting) to post. Silly internet.]

Grace said...

Thank you!
I take it you also had a look or two at the Bonnie photos (flickr tells me what photos have been viewed) - good times!

Sorry your internet is unreliable.
I don't know if you'll know I posted this comment, but I noticed that you said Sprinkles reversed your view on cupcakes.
Now, I'm not sure what your view was, but if it was anti-cupcake: try a Sweet Vanilla cupcake (they also come in mini!) from Kara's Cupcakes when you get back!
You will not be sorry.

I'm trying Sprinkles for the first time tomorrow - I hope it's worth the calories!

<3 Grace.

K said...

I love you Grace! :D

CupcakeSniper said...

wow I love her eyes! great shot!! and o0o0o her nose ring!! i want!