Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy One Year, Ethan!

One year ago today, Ethan Jeffrey, dressed in a monkey suit, asked me to go to our end-of-the-year formal with him. Hours later, in our school theatre, he asked me to be his girlfriend. My response? "Are you kidding me?" :P But only because I was so surprised that this wonderful boy liked me just as much as I liked him! We spent two weeks "secretly" dating - sneakily holding hands in public, watching movies together in my living room, and always laughing. Two weeks later, he asked my father for permission to be my boyfriend. Permission granted. First kiss in the park that same night. And voila! Here we are now.

Only because this is our most recent photo together - costume-clad, as we had just finished performing a scene together yesterday. :] I love acting with Ethan - he's so talented and so entertaining!

So Happy One Year, E! It seems like we've been together forever, but it also feels like yesterday - I love how we are learning more and more about each other everyday. :] Thank you for twelve months of happiness and hilarity. You're my favorite. Thank you for being my pride and joy. Ya goose.


wj said...

Aww, my heart just melted a little bit. Happy FIRST Anniversary!

Grace said...

Thank you so much, Whitney!

<3 Grace.