Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boyfriend, where art thou?

Christmas 2008. I look elfin. E looks hilariously adorable.

Ethan has been mostly absent from my life for the last couple days. And although I've had some fun adventures on my own, let's just say I've been putting my mixer to good use in order to fill the void he's left. :P My next victim is Jinelle, who is one of the best friends in the world! She is deserving of some indulgence so she should expect something to be dropped off at her humble abode later today. :]

ps: I'm shooting Nick and Becca's candlelit wedding a Mission this Saturday. There's a rehearsal on Friday but the Mission will not allow any test shots during that time. So I'm basically going in cold. Oh, yeah, and dying of fright.
pps: Becca, if you read this, don't freak out. I'm just being dramatic. Your wedding photos will rock. Hopefully. ;]

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