Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh me, oh my.

I really miss having good girl friends nearby. More and more I find myself wishing I were closer to someone - physically and emotionally (which sounds creepy, but you know what I mean) - but I can't find that someone here. At least not year-round. So I've been entertaining the idea of doing "something else" in the coming years. I will refrain from disclosing any details to anyone until I've talked it over thoroughly with E and my family... As much as I love my University and Northern California livin', I just don't know that I can keep doing it when I feel that - maybe not now, but very soon - there is something "more" calling me elsewhere.

... I have a lot of thinking to do. But for now, I'm off to photograph Nick and Becca's wedding. Beyond excited and a teensy bit nervous. Wish me luck!

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