Sunday, July 12, 2009

Murder, she wrote.

Last Friday night, Ethan and I celebrated our dear Chris Ham's very belated birthday! Our beloved friend and his family organized a Murder Mystery Party. The event was entitled "Poetic Justice." It addressed the [fictional] murder of HG Wells, and its premise included a bunch of literary and theatrical figures from the 1920s and 30s. Oh, and a time machine. What? In spite of such idiosyncrasies, it was great fun - and Mae West was the murderer. Horrors!

Ethan and I were assigned to come as Charlie Chaplin and Amelia Earhart (pre-tragic disappearance, of course).
Are we convincing? Don't you love Ethan's shoes? And my super professional flying gear? I must say that Anna lent me that leather jacket - a fabulous 80s remnant from her mother's closet!

Happy Birthday, Chris. :] Thanks for the fun evening!

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