Friday, July 24, 2009


Almost two months ago, I began deliberating about how could I make Ethan's birthday special this year. I decided to organize a surprise party for him. With the help of my super mommy (who provided the venue and so, so much help) and my best friend Michelle (who provided me with her Facebook account and so, so much help), I pulled it off - and managed to keep it a secret from him!

I picked up E from his house yesterday. He was under the impression that we were going somewhere, just the two of us. But we just drove to my house. We took the long way. Then we drove in circles. How did he not catch on?

I blindfolded him for optimum security. :] The bandana fell off, but Ethan assured me he could not see.

Michelle, my special contact, kept me "in the know," letting me know how many people had arrived at various times. Finally, I stealthily texted her that we were set to arrive so that she could quiet the music and - to be honest - shut everyone up! :P

We got out of the car and Ethan stumbled clumsily into my house - I guess I'm not very good at leading someone who can't see - I pulled off his blindfold. And he was so surprised! Pleasantly, I hope.

[soon to be inserted: adorable polaroid of surprised Ethan, as taken by my brother]

My mom and I arranged two vases of flowers. I tried not to make them look too girly.
Chris Ham! This is tradition.
Silly faces.
Gracie came! That's root beer, by the by.
Settled on a cook-out theme - complete with red and yellow fast food baskets and checkered papers. Num!

Ethan's favorite dessert.
This cake is a work of my heart and soul. Although slightly lopsided, it once looked much worse. Despite my spraying and flouring, both layers of this old-fashioned chocolate cake stuck to their pans and suffered some damage. I set up to reassemble them and began to make the bittersweet chocolate frosting filling - but it didn't set up! Tried it again - same problem. Improvised - doesn't powdered sugar solve everything? Making the chocolate buttercream the next day, I burnt my chocolate... And once completed, the buttercream didn't want to seem to stick to the super moist cake... But, in the end... This cake was a big deal. That's all I'm sayin'.


Thank you to all of you who made Ethan's birthday so special.

Check out this super handsome, happy man!

Happy [Almost] Birthday, E!!

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