Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching up with old friends.

Until tonight, I had probably seen my old middle school friends Bonnie and Jenny a total of two or three times each in the last four years. Unacceptable.

So I finally, at long last, had the pleasure of chatting with Bonnie as we perused the downtown area and dined outside at Pasta? this evening.

The ever-lovely Bonnie!

Accompanied by our giant Canon Rebels (XT for Bonnie; XSi for me!), we enjoyed nice conversation and...

Fresh bruschetta...
Crisp Cesar salad...
and delicious ricotta and spinach-stuffed ravioli!
This woman was hilariously impressed by our camera-wielding. She decided to take a photo of us! Awesome.
As our meal was coming to a delicious end, Jenny arrived. Thanks to our food photography (or something), we were surprised by our waiter with a complimentary plate of tiramisu. Huh.
Sorry Bonnie! I know you didn't like this one, but it is all I got. :] You look beautiful!
Jenny: see above note. :P
I feel like I got the good deal - Bonnie took this decent photograph of me and posted it to her tumblr.

After dinner, Jenn and I went back to my house. My parents were so happy to see her! My mom and I had seen Jenny practically every day for about seven years - so it was great for everyone to chat after that aforementioned four-year hiatus. Across the street from my house is a park. So Jenn and I walked over there and circled it about five times before settling down on the bleachers. We talked about everything - friends, school, love, religion... It was good. We are similarly minded in belief and outlook. She gets it! I think Jenny will always be one of those people who I can go years with out seeing and still feel comfortable when I finally do.

Overall, I'm really thankful for this evening. So good to reconnect with old friends - thank you, Bonnie and Jenny! These past few weeks I feel as if I've been finding maybe I have had the friends I've needed all along.

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blackandwhiteandred said...

we need to do this again and you need to get an *attractive* picture of me. REALLY. :( xo, b.