Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Saturday and photos of the children.

Saturday morning meant a farewell pancake breakfast for me and Karina, one of my good friends from middle school. She's probably currently on a plane back to her university near Chicago by now. She's one of the sweetest and funniest girls ever, so it was great to catch up. :]

Karina's buttermilk pancakes.
My buckwheat and banana pancakes - all of which I had eaten by the end of the day. A mistake? Probably. But they were so good! So good.

Is it silly to celebrate sixteen months of a relationship? Perhaps. Did it stop me from making E a "Happy Sweet Sixteen" card? No. Did it stop us from eating a delicious dinner together last night? No. It's probably because we're going back to school (and I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow morning), so our remaining summertime is limited.

On zee way out, I pleaded for a photo. This is the best we got. We have our attractive days, and our less attractive days, I guess. :P But I think E looks handsome!
We went to the site of our first date "because we have a lot of memories there," says Ethan. :] This is his Fiesta Tamale Pie (ay ay ay!).
This is my spinach and mushroom lasagna.
This is our delicious frozen yogurt from next door. It looks less than appetizing, I know.

On Friday, my headshot client canceled - day of! Three hours beforehand. Can you believe it? I was just mostly disappointed I don't get to take and edit the photos until after school starts. Boo. So, other than these fantastic outings, I've spent a lot of time at home with Sonny - who is doing fabulously, I must say.

Just can't get enough of those paws.
Or that face!
He's so sweet.
But he's also got personality. And part of his personality is that he is extremely adventurous. He's discovered that there's a world beyond these windows and that worries me! Not ready for my child to venture into the big world yet.

Oh. Remember when I said I wasn't quite sure how the pets would get along?

Well, that matter has been settled.

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