Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Us, in happier times...

On Sunday we celebrated the Giants' miraculous victory over the Rockies. When all bets were off, Edgar Renteria hit a grand slam, propelling us into a victory that allowed us to close the gap in the Wild Card race - and to sweep our series with the Rockies. Ethan and I celebrated in the car as we listened to the game on the radio in a parking lot outside of a Jamba Juice.

Let's be honest. Ethan and I are experiencing a rocky time in our relationship... Not our relationship with each other. Our relationship with baseball. The Giants lost to the [amazing] Phillies tonight; the Rockies won their game versus the [less-than-amazing] Mets. We're now again a game back in the Wild Card race. Sad day. I maybe had my head in my hands the entire ninth inning. I maybe called Ethan as soon as the game ended. I maybe pouted for fifteen minutes. Maybe.

Thing #349,596 that I love about E: he wasn't a huge baseball fan before we began dating. In fact - though he probably won't admit this - he wasn't a huge baseball fan even after we began dating. But recently he's caught baseball fever! He's bringing up facts, stats, and analyses left and right... I can't tell you what a joy it is to share my love for my favorite sport with my favorite boy. And trust me - we are no fairweather fans, and you can bet we'll be cheering on our favorite team tomorrow. :]

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