Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Friday!

Today I am struggling to make the decision whether or I like or dislike it when someone smells overwhelming of laundry detergent. On the one hand, their clothing is undoubtedly fresh and clean. On the other hand, I feel like my head is stuck in a laundry machine.

So I know it seems pretty self-absorbed to post photos of myself... that I took... And I will probably regret this later. But you know what? This blog is boring and the few readers I have (yes, I know you're out there) deserve some sort of visual interest. Right? Right. SO HERE GOES.

This is me. And my dog. More technically, this is a photo of me and my dog, taken from below, making me look incredibly peach-shaped. C'est la vie.
The lighting of these shots, taken about an hour before the above photo, is so much better. Ahhh. Okay. This is me with some pretty clothes on and a cool hair do. It's a braid headband. I wove it of my own hair. Still attached to my head. Quick, easy, and perfect for those days I don't feel like showering. Like today. My shirt belonged to my mom in the 70s. My belt is a thrift find. My necklace was a gift to me from my best friend. My skirt is from Target, and so are my shoes - which I own in multiple colors. The best everrr.

So I may do this from time to time when I've nothing better to do. Alright, that's enough for this evening. :] Have a splendid weekend!

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