Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not too shabby!

IHere are my dress designs for Shappy Apple Dresses - a wonderful little company specializing in the production and sale of beautiful and tasteful dresses for all occasions! Just can't get enough of their "flirty" collection. I really can't get enough of any of their collections. Too amazing! Anyway, I enjoyed creating these - first, drawing the designs free-hand on some croquis; then scanning them to the computer in order to add color and pattern in Photoshop Elements. So rewarding to see them come together! It's a long shot, entering this contest at all, but it's worth a try! Regardless, I'm happy to share my ideas with you. :]

Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things retro, with a special penchant for the 1940s and '50s. :] With these eras past as my inspiration, I worked to modernize my favorite classic silhouettes with more current twists, like a waist belt or a bold pattern. I also took into consideration the projected popular colors for spring and asked myself the question: What do I want to wear this spring? These are my results.

Design 1: A simple teal jersey dress with a ruffled neckline and a bubble hem, paired with an elastic waist-belt with a metallic clasp.
Design 2: A cream-colored airy cotton-spandex sailor-inspired shift with slate-colored satiny detail and pockets hidden within its a-line skirt.
Design 3: An attached blouse-and-skirt dress with a structured floral skirt. The silk-cotton blouse includes floral lace-embroidery detail and a matching fabric belt loops around the cotton skirt's waist.
Design 4: Inspired by Maria's dress in the classic West Side Story, this ivory linen-rayon frock features an a-line skirt along with a few contemporary alterations, including an empire waist, a lace-embroidery yoke with button detail, and half-length sleeves.
Design 5: A cotton-poplin faux-wrap dress in coral with a thick empire waist with a cream rosette detail.

I don't really know if I'm breaching the parameters by including several of my designs. If so, Shabby Apple people, just pick yo fave. And the rest of you - check out Shabby Apple and see what beautiful items they already offer! I'm tellin' ya, if I weren't a broke college student...


Yelena R. said...

I love Shabby Apple has such cute things, and your designs are AMAZING! I especially love numbers 1 and 4 :) So pretty!

Meg Fee said...

ummm. i will take 2,3, and 4 puh-lease.

sailor inspired anything is my absolute favorite.

well done!

You Are My Fave said...

Oh my goodness, these are amazing. I love all of them. I would totally pick you. I would want #1, #3 and #4 the most.

A "cheery" disposition said...

I think they are all great! but 1, 3, and 4 are my fav.