Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A snippet of cuteness to get you through the day.

For my acting class we were assigned the challenge of an interview exercise. We assigned five set questions to ask our subject. We were to record our interviews. Later in class, we will reanct the interview - playing the part of the interviewee. So we'll memorize their words, perfect their vocal patterns, and attempt to recreate the scene. Pretty cool, right?

Well I conducted my interview today, recruiting a dear friend as my subject. I'm excited to try to reproduce her interview, since she provided some amazing answers to my questions. When I asked her "What do you think happens when you die?" she giggled before responding, "Well. I remember when I took my first plane ride, I remember I was really confused why I couldn’t see any angels in the clouds. I thought, Maybe we're just in the wrong place...'."

What an ingenuous sentiment. So sweet! Lovin' it.

So off I go. Lots of homework to do. And, to be quite honest, television to watch. Don't judge me!

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