Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I harassed Ethan into dressing up. He came as a monkey. HA. I was Little Red Riding Hood, although someone asked me if I was "Red Riding Hood." I'm beginning to think that the omission of "Little" was intentional.

Halloween is one of those holidays that I never really think I'll enjoy until I realized I get to dress up like something, and eat candy with the sole excuse "It's Halloween!!" Too bad I started snacking on KitKats and Reese's a week before the actual holiday; I gained my post-Halloween pounds pre-Halloween! Oh well.

Just a little glamor shot for all you Little Red Riding Hood enthusiasts out there.
Body shot. Enjoy the creepiness of my brother. My mom and I made my brother's, um... headsack. And my mom sewed my cape as well! I was demoted to fabric-cutter and pinner after we realized I can't sew for my life.
Tucker's girlfriend Cassidy was Wilma, and Tucker made a magical transition into Fred Flinstone later that night.
Ethan did the gutting for me because I didn't want to get dirty.
There it is, ladies and gentleman, the VIP of the evening: the power drill. Quick and easy with adorable results. If I do say so myself. And I do.
Voila! Please enjoy the most adorable Halloween pumpkin ever created.
SPOOOOKY. Ethan and I did some last-minute decorating. Not pictured: a huge rubber rat, a warty pumpkin, and a skeleton with an exposed glowing brain. How a skeleton has a brain is beyond me.

Good times. My eyes have been burning for the past couple of days. What gives?!


Megan Marie said...

You are just the prettiest little red riding hood. I love your overall look!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aw, thanks for the nice comment you also left for me! I like how you didn't just leave one plain three worded thing like some strangers may tend to do. That really touched my heart a little!!

I adore the Red Riding hood outfit sooo much! great job! and the monkey was a good idea. My husband NEVER dresses up away from his normal attire no matter how much I beg him to. :(

You Are My Fave said...

That polka dotted pumpkin is the best!

And yes, Weezer has long been my fave. Their new album is quite fun. I've been dancing to it all week.