Monday, November 9, 2009

Laughin' out loud.

My high school Anatomy and Physiology teacher was born and raised in New York. His undying love for the Yankees and my equally passionate dislike for them caused a bit of a rivalry between us. Anyway, he currently teaches my brother so my mother and he had an email correspondence going on. He left a darling post-script at the end of one of their emails especially for yours truly!

"ps: Tell Grace I'm sorry about the Yankees winning the World Series. LOL."

Yes. "LOL" indeed.

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I live in Northern NJ and people are PSYCHOPATHS about the Yankees here. I am a Milwalkee Brewers fan (since I was 2) and my brothers are Orioles and Mets fans. . .my mom adores the Yankees hardcore and even had Mickey Mantle's rookie card as a child in the 50s (but she ruined it in her spokes of her bike hahahahaha). We broke her heart sooooo much with not being a fan of "her team".
I really really really can't stand how they are so overpaid and can afford the best players and it seems to be less about the love of the sport because of it. My husband is a Boston Red Sox fan but never watches sports at all and JUST claimed love for them last week. . .my mom said he broke her heart the most because they are the worst enemy of the Yankees.

Keep on being an anti fan of them!! hahahaha.