Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Trip, Part One.

A couple of days after Christmas, my dad, E and I packed our warmest clothes and made the three hour drive to the Sierras for some ski fun. So, at seven in the morning we were up and at 'em.

My attempt at a group shot.
The early morning brought with it a whole ton of fog.
But once we got out of the Bay and into the mountains, it was beautiful. So we drove straight to the ski resort and got out on the slopes!
A sunny day makes for a sunny Grace.

Another highlight of the day: Ethan was making his way into the lift line a little more recklessly than he should have. His ski tips hit a trash can, causing it to fall over. This event caused the lift attendants to refer to him as "Trash Man" from that point forward. Yes.

So that was Day One. I have to pause for a moment to tell you how we finished out the evening: sharing a churro sundae. Yes, it is was delicious as it sounds.

The next day was a chilly with some snowfall. Skiin' in a winter wonderlannnd.

My father, the paparazzo, snapped this candid photo.
But I had the feeling someone was watching us! And sure enough... :D
Cute, Dad. :P
I was grumpy post-lunch because I was uncomfortably full and cold.
But we managed to smile as we froze in the snow!
After the last run of our trip.
We picked up pizza, packed up our belongings, and then we drove back to the Bay, where Ethan and I would spend one day before returning...

Did I mention that sometime on Day Two, we passed by some familiar lift attendants? We could tell because they greeted Ethan with a jovial, "Hey! Trash Man!"


Allison said...

Haha, this is awesome. I also went skiing, and it was COOOLLLDD. Freezing. Glad you had fun! :D

Allison said...

Um- this is SO cool. Yeah, my family goes to PBCC!! I live in that area, so we probably are, like, neighbors!! :D Haha, my mom recognized your family in the Christmas post and it was AWESOME. :D I totally bet we have mutual acquaintances! :D

Anna said...

haha what a perfect little ski trip!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love the shot of the mountain so much!! wonderful job! Looks like a great time that you had! I love your group shots haha. That paparazzi shot is adorable.