Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Girlfriend:

I would like to thank YOU for being my best pal. You are my best friend and my girlfriend, and I love being with you. I'm sorry, but I don't understand the "putting up" or "moody meaniecopter" (LOL) parts. I have never ever felt like I've had to "put up" with you. Being really happy, laughing ridiculously, and feeling super lucky is all I have had to put up with. Trust me, you do not have to feel bad about those things. Actually, I thank you for them! Also, you are definitely not a moody meaniecopter. (again, LOL! xD)

Your video/song was AMAZING! I giggled like a little gooser throughout the entire thing. You really do have the most beautiful voice in the world. :] Thank you so so much! That really made me so happy.

And after long and careful consideration, I have decided to accept your date. ;D I would love to go to lunch at Hobees and ice skate! WEEE! (I love it when you call be big papa!...:])

Thank you for everything Grace. I adore you. :]

Love, Boyfriend.

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