Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sad day/happy day.

SAD because... Ethan woke up feeling sick. Therefore our romantic lunch/ice skating trip will not occur. Or at least not the lunch portion. Hopefully he'll feel better in time for ice skating this evening and Hobees for dinner... I want him to feel better NOW!
HAPPY because... Ethan and I will be embarking on a SNOW TRIP tomorrow! My dad and my brother and his girlfriend are going up today; we'll be going up with my grandma tomorrow. I haven't enjoyed a white winter in a couple years (although we froze our toes off in New York this time last year, there was no snowfall), so I'm pretty excited about it - sledding, hot chocolate, skiing, etc etc etc. hurray!
RANDOM:Spunky the Spice Monkey from E to me on Christmas. He's filled with yummy spices that can be heated for warmth/comfort/delicious scents. So cute.

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