Friday, December 26, 2008

A very merry Christmas.

I love Christmas! I really do - apart from being woken up at 8am, but even that's tolerable. I had a great time hanging out with my family plus my grandma and auntie, opening presents around the tree, and staying cozy warm inside my house while the rain poured (only to clear up later). Anyway, three pairs of boots, a couple of cute sweaters, lots of kitchen goods and supplies, and countless other awesome knicknacks, I, as always, felt spoiled but thankful. Oh, in addition, my brother got the coolest thing ever. It's fun for all! We broke out my parents' copy of The Beatles' Abbey Road and went to town. Huzzah!

Luckily for me, the festitivites did not end there! Around 5 I went to Ethan's where we proceeded to feel all grown up as we lay our presents for one another around his tree. We exchanged. We laughed. We cried (sort of). We got cool stuff. Possibly my favorite gift from E: a little illustrated book entitled The Beginning which documents the commencement of our relationship. Cute and charming to say the least! Edit: Also, it should be noted that Ethan has a beautiful voice and made up a song especially for me. It made me cry. Tears of joy of course!

Too long; didn't read? - I'm so very thankful for my family, friends, and my awesome and thoughtful boyfriend! I'm such a lucky lady.

Below is a lil photographic representation of the very first Ethan and Grace Christmas. Discluded from the photo is the official "Ethan and Grace's First Christmas" bear - a gift from E to me. Additionally missing are our faces, which will not be shown because both of us agreed that, while the other looked nice, it wasn't one of our prettier days. Hehe.

Hope you're all having lovely holidays! Jury's still out on our New Year's Eve plans (because we haven't talked about it, and because I didn't even think of it til now), but we do know one thing: we'll be at the Streetlight Manifesto/Reel Big Fish show on the 2nd!

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