Monday, March 16, 2009

Couple of things...

1. Diet Dr. Pepper is underrated.
2. So is coconut. Seriously, people. I know you'll say you don't like it. Neither did I. You'll come around eventually.
3. Zits are over-represented on my face at the mo.
4. Sometimes friends don't act like friends and it is saddening.
5. I got a fever, and the only perscription is taking more photographs.
6. Finals have been fine. I only have one left before Break... Too bad it's the Devil, aka Psych.
7. I haven't seen Ethan in three days. Enough said.
8. For old time's sake...

Even though I'm more the actor nowadays, Boyfriend consistantly out-performed me throughout high school, and for good reason: he's hilarious and talented. :] This is from the play wherein we not only slapped each other multiple times, but also made our relationship official. Secretly. :]

1 comment:

Parks And Swings said...

Your psychology final will go well! ;]
Love you! <3.