Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good friends... die hard?

That's not the expression. :P

Anyway, Karina and Jinelle are two of the most reliable ladies in my life. I can consistently depend on them to support me, empathize with me, and - always - share some laughs with me. Thanks, guys!

I haven't mentioned this yet - I am on Spring Break and it is glorious so far. Yesterday I got up early (which wasn't so glorious) and Costco'd with Momma and Barnes and Noble'd before meeting up with Karina! She left for Hawaii today, lucky girl!

We ate at The Counter in PA, where we had the displeasure of associating with a nearly-incompetant host who gave us take-out boxes when we had asked to sit on the patio. All very confusing, but good food resulted, and that's what really matters. After that, we drove to downtown MV, as per our usual hang-out sesh. We walked through Therapy, which is, truly, therapeutic for the shopping soul. :] Until you purchase a skirt that is probably cost a lot more than it is worth. But alas. What's done is done! :P

Then I went home and just relaxed. Tried to figure out what I'm going to do this summer as far as jobs or activities or whatever. Ethan came over late last night, which was welcome since I have hardly seen him in like, a week. We went to the park where we sat in the grass and had deep talks in the dark. Then we almost got run over by a park patrol truck and decided we should probably leave. Other highlights: Ethan encounters a caterpillar in the grass and yelps in fear. Hilarity ensues.

Grace: E, it's a caterpillar! It turns into a beautiful butterfly!
Ethan: Have you seen how many legs it has? BAM. That sucker has seventy-five legs.
Grace: How does it have an uneven amount of legs?
Ethan: This one's a REBEL, Grace.

Anyway, we shall see what today holds! Although I'm sick with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and achey ears. So that will limit things. :|

It feels like summer. via my flickr.

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