Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am a lucky lady.

Saturday was not easy for me. Emotional outbursts were the theme of the day. After any anger subsided, I moped around, feeling sorry for my actions and for, well, myself.

Michelle, Monique and I had planned to go see a production at my high school, where we would meet up with Ethan. When we were finally together, I noticed Ethan had a bouquet of glowing red tulips in tow, I assumed for one of the actors we would see that evening.

So I was surprised when he held them out to me, saying "These are for you." After I had accepted them graciously, although with some confusion, we took a moment for ourselves in the midst of all the people around us.

"Do you know why I got you tulips?" he asked. "I know that you have had a rough day. The tulips don't look very pretty yet because they are hardly open. So maybe, just like the tulips will become beautiful, maybe your bad day will become beautiful too."

Yes, he actually said that. Sometimes I feel like he walked right out of a movie and into my life. Whatta romantic! :]

A Date Night bouquet and cheer-up tulips, both from lovely, awesome Boyfriend. via my flickr.

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