Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things about Tuesday.

1. I had a Psych exam.
2. The sky found out about this and cried on my behalf all day.
3. Hot chocolate is the bomb. Tuesday and every day.
4. Ethan is super adorable, hilarious, and intelligent. Tuesday and every day.
5. My voice recorded is odd, as I discovered as I recorded a warm-up CD for Voice class.
6. Eczema between your fingers is a very ouchy thing.
7. The rain has me photographically inspired both outside and inside my home.
-7b. Observe the evidence.

Cherry blossom
A very teeny cherry blossom in a puddle in my backyard.
These are teensy tiny weeds
These are teensy tiny weeds growing between pavement cracks. I like the photo because it kind of looks like a tropical island. :P
Water droplets. Need I say more?
The moon!
Found myself relatively perplexed as to why the moon was making an appearance so early in the evening. This macro-lensed photo doesn't do the beauty of the whole thing justice.
This is Ruca, my brother's mouse. We hadn't planned to get a mouse, but one day my brother showed up with one in a little box. My mom asked him what made him think he could buy, keep, and properly care for a mouse? Turns out he hadn't even bought her food, let alone a 'house.' :P Long story short, we ended up with two mice. Voila!
My mom makes jewelry
My momma makes fantastic jewelry. I am trying to cajole her into creating at Etsy shop with yours truly so we can spread our artsy love. :] all via my flickr.

8. Round two of the "Over the Mountain" run begins tomorrow!
9. Best Friend Jinelle will be here in three days!
10. I am a very lucky, happy lady. :D

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