Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday What?

My Math professor returned our midterms today. I received mine not knowing what to expect. When I discovered that I had aced the exam - an accomplishment perhaps not entirely unusual in Ethan's academic career, but unseen in mine for nearly a decade - I let out a What? This was a good 'what'.

After my second class, I headed to my car which I had parked along a nearby street. Upon reaching my vehicle, I discovered a horrid thing: someone had boxed me in. What? I said again. This was a less pleased 'what', but one of equal disbelief. Someone had squished their vehicle into the few feet between the front of my car and the start of the red-painted curb alerting people not to park there. Although the front of their car was still well into the aforementioned red zone,  this person had opted to give me less than eight inches between the front of my car and the back of their's, despite the fact that there was someone parked not far behind me. Was not happy. Was freaking out. Waited ten minutes. Called Ethan to ask him to come coach me so I wouldn't hit either car. Finally - success, sans retaliation.

Well. There would have been no retaliation had Ethan not had a really good idea...
We left this on the car's windshield before fleeing the scene of the crime. Nothin' like letting your passive-aggressive side out to play.

What? Can you blame us? :]

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Parks And Swings said...

BAHAHA, hey, I love it. :D
I approve.

See you tomorrow. :D