Thursday, March 5, 2009


I wonder what I want from Life. What profression or approach to living will best fulfill me? Make me most... myself?

Am I making sense here, people?

Sometimes I have visions of being a performer, always in front of people. Other times I'm much more content imagining myself as an artist less on-display. And sometimes I'm completely content just with the idea of being a wife and a mother - a thought I often couple with the fact that I also sometimes just want to open up a little bakery. And even though my other dreams seem lofty, this last vision is the one that seems silliest to me.

And I wonder why? Is it because it's simple? Is it because I fear that that's boring? Not challenging enough? Or would it be monotonous? Could I live with monotony? Or can I learn to find the variability in such a life? Create the variability?

via my flickr.

I've been blessed with the support of family and friends who encourage me to follow my heart and do my best to accomplish my goals. I consider myself lucky that each of my aspirations are, on one level or another, plausible. :]

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