Saturday, April 25, 2009

Up and down.

Sometimes my emotions can go from tip-top to rock bottom. Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster ride.

It started off fabulously with a good class, a good breakfast with E, a good rehearsal.

And then there was my Christ in the Four Gospels course - one of the classes that's giving me a hard time (it's like this quarter's Psych except I actually like this subject, which makes it worse). I really dislike my assigned seat in this class - in the very back. I never sit in the back if I can help it. I like the front: it forces me to pay attention and if I'm having an off-day, at least the teacher will recognize that I must be enthusiastic about the subject (and if I'm not, hopefully I can trick them into thinking so).

When I asked my teacher - a Jesuit father - a question, he interrupted with a mocking chucking. "It's all on the homework sheets - do you even look at those, by the way?" he sneered.

Okay, I'm sorry, What? I'd never been so disrespected by a teacher before. Mind you, I had already contacted the instructor, telling him how I was disappointed that my grades weren't reflecting my effort and asking if he had any suggestions for better performance. And now, in front of everyone, he's insinuating that I don't do the homework?

I know that some people will just say I'm being sensitive or dramatic... But for once, as my tears were slowly dripping down my face, I didn't mind my back-of-the-room seat. Plus, I don't think I could have kept myself from walking out if I was any closer to the door.

After class, and a lot of comfort from E, I had my second rehearsal of the day, which was super fun and really improved my spirits. I picked up Ethan afterwards and we drove to the mall to hang out. Super fun!

Later in the evening, I had a bit of a breakdown. To be discussed later, I guess.

Then Boyfriend and I had a ticklefest and all was well with the world.

So see? Up and down.

Other: I deactivated my Facebook account on Thursday night because I'm going to be so busy this quarter. I'm hungry. And I'm excited for tonight - details to follow.

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CupcakeSniper said...

awww at least you have a great boyfriend who cares about you and knows how to cheer you up after a crummy day and stupid comments from ignorant people.

maybe he was just having a bad day too and took it out on you. I don't know. :( sorry love!