Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wickedly busy.

Our doorbell rang at 4:45 on Saturday. I opened the door to find extremely attractive Boyfriend, dressed in a purple shirt and matching tie, cradling beautiful flowers. He had surprised me by picking out the shirt knowing I would be wearing purple. Turns out he was carrying not one but two bouquets: purple tulips for me and a beautiful white and yellow carnation bunch - for my mom. Heart melter.

Typical. :D
Handsome man, well-endowed in the eyebrow-area. ;]
Ethan, me, Cassidy, and Tucker.

So the Super Six went to the City to grab dinner at Ruth's Chris and then see Wicked at the Orpheum. It was lovely. I don't want to get into technicalities or I'll start comparing last night's show to the one I saw in NYC and that would make for a much longer entry than I care to post this evening. We saw the standby performers for the two main roles and it was still pretty awesome! Nothing beats just being with the Super Six - I always enjoy our time together. And Tuck, Cass, E, and I had the most hilarious time bonding over the weirdest musical number of all time (you have to see the end...). All in all, an amazing time. Very thankful that I'm so blessed.

Today was spent getting ahead on homework and memorizing lines for three different and unrelated scenes. I would say I was about 95% successful in memorization. Gooo Grace! I have the busiest week ahead... And more and more and more to follow. ;[

For no reason: On April 5th, I made a bunch of birthday cupcakes. For my own birthday. In a fit of loneliness. Anyway, I've made prettier- and tastier - cupcakes since (thanks to new pastry bags and tips!), but neglected to take photos. Darn it. via my flickr.

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CupcakeSniper said...

That cupcake looks DELICIOUS! and you look absolutely charming!!