Saturday, May 9, 2009

A good week with a great ending.


So happy to report that this week went smoothly! My preliminary performances on Monday for some scenes I've worked on for my directin' friends went well (and Ethan looks smashing dressed a la early 1900s!). Also realized that in one of those scenes I am a nun; in another I am a minister's daughter. Coincidence? ha! Anyway. Received a lot of good news grade-wise. On Wednesday I had a nice impromptu breakfast with Kandace, who is not only wise but pretty much the sweetest. :]

Ethan sporting a smashing pair of sunglasses that might belong to yours truly.

Yesterday, when I wasn't busy having a blast with Boyfriend, I endured two rehearsals plus a run-through and performance. Last night Ethan and I performed with a few other amazing kids in our friend Katrina's "Many Names" project. Everyone did superbly well - though of course I have a sort of soft spot for my beau, who I think did faaabulously well. Anyway, congratulations to Katrina for pulling it all off! :]

And also thanks so much to Best Friend Michelle, who showed up to watch us! Afterward, E, Mich, and I headed back to Ethan's room to catch up and laugh. A lot. A LOT. We went to Chili's, I ate badly, and then we all went to our respective homes. I'm reuniting with Mich tonight to watch "Songs for a New World" at my university. Ethan's brother is playing Man 1! Excited.

This next month, I think, is going to fly by. There's so much to do but I think I'm going to enjoy all of it! Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and also marks Best Friend Audrey's return to the west coast. And Best Friend Jinelle returns sometime mid-week. I haven't seen either of those girls in ages and I cannot wait to reunite with them!

ps: did anyone else notice how many Best Friends I mentioned? I guess I'm lucky.


Parks And Swings said...

Yay for best friends :]


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<3 Grace.