Sunday, May 10, 2009

Super Saturday!

I have this knack for knowing I have a lot of homework and procrastinating nonetheless.

So yesterday, when I should have been working on my research assignment, my lines, or countless other things. But I was trimming my bangs and putting on bright red lipstick. Yes.

Last night, Ethan, Michelle, and I saw "Songs for a New World," and it was super. Andrew, Ethan's brother, was great! Somewhere along the road, E was informed that he was cast in another friend's directing scene! I'm proud of him. :] Then he and I chowed. I drove home. I should have done homework, but I slept.

And now I should be doing homework. But I'm blogging. So that's my cue to exit. Farewell!

ps: I promise posts with more... content soon. It seems I have trouble balancing between frivolous entries and entries that are too ponderous.

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