Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back from my unintentional hiatus.

My lack of involvement in this blog over the past week is sickening. I'm sure you've all missed me terribly. I'm talking to you in Minnesota! And you in Massachusetts! And you in Texas! And all of you lovely souls from all over the state of California. Yes, it has been brought to my attention that I have recently gained a number of new readers and I'm very pleased to find out that I actually do have an audience and am not just talking to myself. Thus I feel like you guys deserve something worthwhile to read and yet... I got nothin'. In lieu of such, I offer this image from the wedding I shot last weekend.

This is Becca, the beautiful blushing bride! Not even she and her husband have seen this. Consider yourselves special, because I sure do!

I've been entirely too busy recently. I thought summer was the time to relax? Oh well! Can't say I'm complaining about seeing all the awesome people I've been seeing recently. Bible Study at Billy's was splendid. And I also finally reunited with Audrey and then Michelle - on the same day! Miracles. Today is the observance of Ethan's parents' twenty fifth anniversary - meaning we're havin' a parrrtay! Ethan and his father and siblings will be serenading the crowd while Michelle and I take photos while probably embarrassing ourselves in the process. I am excited, at the very least, to see Ethan look smashing in a tux. Off I go!


wj said...

I've been waiting very anxiously for a shot from the wedding! It's very pretty. :D


Grace said...

Aw, thank you Whitney!
You're sweet - there's more to come.
Editing takes for.ever!

<3 Grace.