Friday, July 31, 2009

Gracie's Birthday Celebration.

On Sunday, my mom, Ethan and I went to Church to see my dad sing with the praise band. Not only did he sound great vocally, but he also played the harmonica for a couple songs - which was awesome!

After the service, we were in a wild frenzy to get a lot of things done before Gracie's fourth birthday party - eat (at The Original Pancake House - chocolate chip pancakes are delicious), shop (at Diddams - we had to pick up some Hello Kitty accessories for or favorite birthday girl, and drive (home to pick up som things and then to Michelle's to help her set up). Alas, we arrived and then fun began!

Ethan and I enjoyed some delicious cola made with pure cane sugar. Mmm, the delightful sensation of teeth rotting away. It was worth it.

The whole gang! Tammy, Marissa, and Anishka are Michelle's best friends of like, six years or something. :] I am the newbie! Gracie's the newbiest.

Schmoozing with the birthday girl.

The bestie. Please note the vintage scarf bandanna that I stole from her garage. :P

And then we all gathered 'round with our serious faces on...

To enjoy some guava cake from
my favorite bakery! Heavenly.

It wasn't until after Gracie spent a while trying to blow out the candles that Michelle realized they were trick candles. Hm.

We watched Gracie open presents inside... And Ethan got hit by Gracie's newly acquired Stomp Rockets outside! Anishka caught every moment on film. :P

We had a dance party. Then took this group shot.

And the night ended with this photo which I've already posted with
this week's Thursday Word. Ya know.

It was a great evening with great food! Thank you to Michelle's family for sharing the night with us. :]

Happy Birthday to Gracie!

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