Saturday, August 1, 2009

Celebrating Ethan's Nineteenth...

Does it seem like Ethan's birthday has been going on for a month now? In any case, he deserves the celebration! On Thursday, he and I ventured to San Francisco.

I wanted to surprise him with dinner at Blue Mermaid Chowder House, an awesome place at Fisherman's Wharf. Ethan likes their Manhattan-style sausage and mussel chowder (gross), but I'm a sucker for the tried and true New England clam chowder (scrumptious). We shared an order of fish and chips (also delish). My dad joined us for the latter half of the meal, which was nice.

Please enjoy the awesome quality of this photo from my phone.

We then headed over to AT&T park to watch the Giants take on the World Champion Phillies. Our guys won, though - they must've known it was Ethan's birthday. It was a great game!

Birthday boyyy!
He yawned.

Last night was Ethan's familial birthday celebration so we headed out to Santa Clara to meet up with the rest of his kin.

Ethan's good friend Billy dropped off a gift - a customized inside jokey shirt. I decided to bask in the sun like an idiot.
And I stalked Ethan, who was kind enough to brave the busy Friday night traffic and hustle and bustle of Santana Row.
When we arrived, we discovered that there was absolutely no parking. Ethan and I suavely parked at my dad's office nearby. I felt proud; he felt sexy. Who knows why.
My final pre-dinner photo. I would come out of the restaurant ten pounds heavier than when I went in!

Ethan wanted to have his birthday dinner at Maggiano's. Dining family style is dangerous, but so worth it. And although I, a Maggiano's virgin, had been forewarned by Ethan of the meal that awaited me, I still was undeterred from stopping by Kara's to share a Smores cupcake with Ethan. I am clearly a glutton.

Such a fun and foodtastic night. I feel very blessed to have spent some quality time with Ethan and his family in honor of his birthday. :]

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