Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

I got up at 8am on July Fourth, because our carpets were being cleaned. Again. The cleaners had come a couple of days prior, but ended up essentially ruining our carpets. Our house ended up smelling like a wet dog for four days. It's improved significantly since round two of cleaning, but there's still that faint scent of rotting trash in the air. Yummy!

Anyway, the 4th. Excuse the following photos because I am not dressed in the quintessential red, white, and blue. But I'm at the San Francisco Giants game. Giants fans, they say, bleed black and orange. My outfit must reflect that sentiment. After all, my first boyfriend was basically baseball.

Tucker felt compelled to wear my hat. I felt compelled to take a photo.
Tucker, me, and Momma!
This is our ace of a pitcher , Tim Lincecum. He'll be starting the All-Star Game!
My brother snapped this photo of Nate Schierholtz.

We played the Houston Astros, a team that I dislike for no real reason beyond the fact that Jeff Kent went on to play for them after he bad-mouthed the Giants once he'd left the team. Oh right - we ended up winning 9-0. :]

A couple days ago I mentioned that my friend Jinelle would be leaving for a camp in Colorado. She's gone many times before, but this is the first time she'll be working as a counselor there. She's going to do great! So she stopped by on the evening of Fourth of July, so we caught up a bit at the park while snapping some photos. Please note that I changed into a more patriotic outfit. If you look carefully enough maybe you'll spot my burnt-to-a-crisp shoulders, which I gained thanks to a couple hours in the San Francisco sun.

Jinelle will dislike me for posting this close-up. But I think she's pretty!
To our dismay, it was super windy. Jinelle went all emo in response.
Please observe...
Our unintentional facial expression swap!
This is what friendship looks like. :P

It hit me after Jinelle left. I realized that I was all alone on the holiday with nothing to do, no where to go, and nobody to see. Ethan saved me, though. He offered to take me to see a movie ("My Sister's Keeper" - decent!) and, having had to listen to all of my pining, took me to a fireworks display. Apart from a few fireworks we spotted from the highway while we drove to the movie theatre, we weren't able to go see real fireworks. So, E drew some on pieces of paper and lit them up with a flashlight. I teared up. If that isn't cute, creative, and thoughtful, I don't know what is!

I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth!

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