Thursday, August 6, 2009

Peach muffins, tapas, and gelato.

Ethan's family has a lovely little garden that produces a lot of fruits and vegetables in the summer. His father spends a lot of time cultivating things like zucchini, squash, grapefuits, and peaches - and then shares them with us when they're ready to be picked. Most recently Ethan showed up with a big, fat bag of ripe peaches. Since we're going out of town next week, they had to be put to use. Thus, my amazing friend Audrey came over today and we set out to make peach muffins.

We had to stew the peaches before we puréed them. Here they are, pre-stew'age.
The finished product. Perfect in shape. Deficient in peachy taste.

The end product was much more "muffin" than "peach" - the fruity flavor was sadly indetectable. But they were still delicious, oddly enough. :]

Ethan arrived and the three of us piled into the Chevy, and we headed downtown. Every other Thursday during the summer, the main street of the downtown area is closed. In addition to the regular outside dining, visitors can also enjoy a small farmers' market, old fashioned car club displays, and live music. So off we went!

Not my favorite photo of myself (Audrey's too cute!) but the best we got tonight! :P

After walking the main street stretch a couple times in search of a place to eat, we settled on Cascal - a fun Spanish-Latin fusion tapas place.

The bread service was awesome.
Audrey was all smiles.
Ethan was all ... smiles...
We ordered four tapas to share: beef taquitos; potatoes gratin; a hearts of palm salad; and shrimp and rice croquettas. Mmm.
Topped it off with a trip to Gelato Classico. Audrey enjoyed some caffè mocha and tiramisu gelato, while Ethan and I shared a cup of dark chocolate and crème brûlée.

Fun day; fun night. :] Audrey leaves for school on the 30th - I hope I see her again before she heads for the East Coast again!

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