Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun Friday.

On Friday, Ethan and I had the pleasure of spending time with Michelle, her little sister Gracie, and Michelle's best friend from college, Cassie - who is so cute and sweet! In preparation, Ethan and I washed my car, and my family's 1957 Chevrolet. We were all excited to take the Chevy downtown for shopping and dinner!

I've come to remember recently that I really like hats. And Ethan.
I told E to look sexy. This is what I got. :P
Gracie, Cassie, me, and E!
Me, Mich, Gracie, and Cassie in front of the Chevy.
Close up of all the girls! Cassie and Michelle are way too cute and stylish for me.

We hit up my favorite downtown shop, Therapy. For an hour, we wreaked havoc there, complete with fashion photoshoots and baby Gracie crawling under our changing rooms. She even helped outfit us. In the end, Ethan spoiled me with a new dress and belt (to be blogged here soon, after I wear it next weekend!). :]

Walking hand in hand with Gracie, I fell in love with her all over again. So did Ethan - and I'm learning that he's so good with kids! I'm starting to see how that skill will help him in the future since he wants to be a math teacher. Wahoo!
Michelle joked that E and I looked like teen parents. Didn't really believe it til I saw this beautiful family photo she took.

After dinner at Kapp's, an historic pizza joint, we headed to the fish/reptile/etc store because Michelle wanted to show Gracie some animals as a reward for baring with us at the store.

I kissed a huge scary fishy. Sorry, Boyfriend.
Here's the gang celebrating Gracie's first pet - a Comet fish.
She named it Jason, after her "boyfriend" from daycare. Aw.

It was a great night. So thankful for Michelle and all of the great people I meet through her!

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