Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Sunday.

Lazy Sunday was not so lazy! Michelle invited Ethan and me, along with our friend Marissa, to her house to hang out with her family - including a slew of adorable little cousins and Mich's younger sister, Gracie. Such a beautiful name... And she's just the cutest thing!

Here's a cute little cousin. Just because.

The gals wasted no time getting to know Ethan. One cousin even developed a little crush on him. Can't blame her - doesn't he look cute below? They were also quick to target him as their source of fun.

It began innocently enough - with water balloons. Here E is, after their first attack.
But then war was declared when Michelle herself doused Ethan with a bucket of water.
So the girls turned to cups, buckets, and no mercy!
The aftermath: very happy girls, and a very wet and dirty Ethan.
Michelle, Grace, and Marissa reunited! And also damp.
Gracie shooting E with her "camera" (Solo Red Cup model).
Kisses for Grace from Grace.
Silly faces!

Definitely a good day. Thanks, Michelle and family, for having us!

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