Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Twenty Five Years, Mr. and Mrs. K!

Ethan's parents recently celebrated twenty five years of marriage. As I mentioned a few days ago, they set out to commemorate the occasion with a big soirée - and my parents, my best friend Michelle, and I were lucky enough to be there to enjoy the fun! Ethan, his siblings, and their awesome Dad began by singing songs of love and affection for Ethan's mother. We had some delicious food and topped the party off by eating some delicious cake (covered in silver fondant - the twenty-fifth anniversary gift is supposed to be something silver!) while we watched a beautiful photo slideshow of Ethan's parents' lives together.

Hey girl, hey!
Schmoozin' before the party.
My best friend, whose beauty basically wowed everyone at the shindig! I'm serious. Ethan's mother's godfather wants to set Michelle up with his grandson!
My parents were awesome as always.
Ethan looked swoon-worthy. :]

I stole all of the following photos from Michelle's Facebook...

Caught in the bathroom; having fun with Ethan's bowtie on my head. Yes.
Adoring Ethan; Michelle and me, stealing his heart.
Lovin' and laughin'; Mich and I with one of our favorite mommas - the lady of the evening, Mrs. K!

The whole night was great fun! Afterwards, Michelle, E and I decided we needed to make the best of our dressed up'ness, so we went out. To Nob Hill. Yes! Good times were had by all!

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