Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacation Recap: Part Five.

The last installment of a series of posts I didn't anticipate as cumbersome to post and less-than-exhilarating to read. :]

The next day we made the trip to nearby San Simeon to visit Hearst Castle.

Ready for her '80s close up.
The outdoor Neptune Pool.
The very top of Casa Grande, complete with an amazing carved teak wood awning.
In the living room. Tucker was clearly enthused.
Classic pieces of art are peppered and posted all throughout the homes at Hearst Castle.
The dining room cieling and windows.
The in-home movie theatre. And some heads. :]
The Roman Pool. All surfaces of the room are tiled in a mosaic fashion. The tiles are either blue, orange, or infused with real gold. Pretty cool!
There were zebras roaming around. ZEBRAS. Give me a break, right? I could get used to seeing these little fellows outside my window.
Post-Castle lunch at ... an establishment of which I have forgotten the name. This appetizer is lumpia in the Vietnamese style.
Don't let its delicious apperance fool you. Although my mom and brother enjoyed the same dish with no complaints, my chicken tacos were more chicken gristle than chicken. Also, I found a twig in one of them. Well, I found it in my mouth. But still. NAST.
Enjoying our last night in Cambria. As the sun was beginning to set behind uss, my mom snapped this silhouette-style photo of Tucker, me, Dad, and a diving pelican behind us. :P
Tucker and Dad peruse Moonstone Beach, right across the street from our hotel. We enjoyed a lot of marine life while we were there - pelicans, otters, and even dolphins!
Sunset, part one.
Sunset, part two.
Sunset, part three.
Sunset, part four.

Cambria - though very much so removed from the surrounding area - was lovely, and we made the pretty drive up the coast to come home. Our whole vacation was filled with beautiful sights and experiences. So thankful that my family was able to get away together this summer. :]

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