Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation Recap: Part Four.

Note bene: I really must apologize. Even I'm growing weary of these posts. But I can't rightly start and not finish. So hang in there because we're alllmost done!

We spent a day hanging around downtown Coronado and lounging about the hotel, which was nothing short of amazing.

Just a taste of the amazing woodwork inside the lobby of this amazing place, built over 120 years ago!
Being awesome.
The view off our balcony, which I guess actually was more of a spacious veranda - so nice! We got to watch a wedding happen on that grass, as well. We probably saw about four wedding parties in the two days we were there. :]
Cheesy fresh crab topped with green mushroom served with rosemary-dusted French bread. This is the best food photo I've taken, I think. It's my favorite!
An interesting combo, but I enjoyed it: rustic chicken noodle soup served with a steak and shrimp quesadilla.
I know right? A four-layer chocolate velvet cake with light and lemony cream cheese frosting topped with milk and white chocolate shavings and served with fresh berries.
"Some Like It Hot," starring Marilyn Monroe, was filmed at the hotel fifty-something years ago. Tucker poses with the postcard in the same location, because Marilyn and Tucker are practically one and the same.
My dad snapped this photo of the historic hotel from the beach. Isn't it beautiful? Such an experience.
We left San Diego and headed up to Santa Barbara. We checked into a little hotel with a pond outside of our room! It was lovely.
Excited for dinner.
Parents will be parents!
Best dessert ever. Allow me to explain.
That blue thing? Gel fuel, lit and giving off flames. For $8.00 we were given skewered marshmallows, chocolate pieces, fresh strawberries and graham crackers to make s'mores right at our table. Such a cute (and delicious) dessert idea that I might steal for sometime in the future!
A decadent flourless chocolate cake that was also delicious.
This is what an ATV looks like. Kind of intimidating, which is why my mom and I were kinda freaked out by my brother's pleas for us all to try them out.
And yet, we decided to do it. My mom looks crazy rebellious.
Dad's got this.
And as for Tucker and me? We are pros.
This is a small dune, among the first we tried to ride. My brother was fearless, as was my dad (probably a little too fearless!). My mom and I hung back until we said, "What the hey?" and we were ridin' with the big guys.
Some dunes fenced off from riders... They're so pretty!

I had such a fun time riding those ATVs. There's something strangely exhilarating about zooming around on loud gas-powered vehicles on the coast at pretty Pismo Beach. And it didn't hurt that afterward, we drove up to a beautiful little inn in Cambria...


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